Monday, December 22, 2008

A Dream To Travel

If there were anything I could do - money not an issue - I would love to travel. There's so much of my own country I'd love to see - Washington State, Washington, DC, Wyoming - it's a big country! But I'd also love to go to Scotland and Ireland - my heritage; England and it's castles; Italy and it's food; Paris and it's art. I want to walk through the National Museums and see the art and watach the people. I'd love to stand on the Alps and drink real Swiss chocolate.

But since that's still a dream, I'm getting a kick out of looking up the locations from which people visit my blog!

Today I visited Linköping, Ostergotlands. The 5th largest city in Sweden, it is home to Cloetta Chocolates - just the name sounds yummy! The castles from the Renaissance era really caught my eye - I had never put Renaissance and Sweden together. Coming from Oklahoma where we have wonderful lakes, I was struck with the beauty of the lakes in Ostergotlands. I can see why travelers stopped to settle this land. I must add this town to my list!

Thanks for visiting me from Sweden. Maybe we will meet someday. If not here, in Heaven. How wonderful God is to create a world with such diversity.

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  1. If you ever get enough money will you take me? I won't go alone - have to travel with a friend. But I'd love to see the world to. I heard about a homeschooling family who, the husband took a year sabbatical, and they traveled all over the USA in an RV. What an awesome and crazy experience that would be!