Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making A Change

It has been said that we all want Progress but nobody likes Change. Progress does not come without change, but change does not always bring progress.

And why do we want Progress? Is Progress always better?

Look at how schools have Progressed. More computers, more technology, more teaching specialities, more options for upper grades, more in-service, more training.

Yet we also have more struggling students, more isolationism, more troubled kids, more kids needing Basics. Progress has not improved our schools, only showed that Change is not always productive.

As a teacher, it's hard to say that we don't do a good job. But we fail in many ways. We tell parents we value them, and then we condescend to them saying, "we don't expect parents to understand." We say our teaching methods are 21st Century, yet text them on skills that are 18th century and, quite frankly, fundamental and needed but not taught. How can we test what we do not prepare them for?

I want to progess closer to Christ. I want my kids to progress towards being their best. I am wanting change in my life. A change that is life-altering. That brings my family and me closer to Christ. Change that grows my children's hearts and minds.

From research, I know that this world is selling rebellion. Be better than others; better than your parents. Nothing that is Christ-like. Our schools are doing the same. Be better than your parents.

Am I willing to make the life-changes necessary to progress my family towards Christ's vision for us? Oh, I hope so.

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