Sunday, December 7, 2008


To take care of assets that are not one's own.

What a responsibility! I'm a little overwhelmed by that thought today. What is God calling me to steward? Everything! Nothing I have is apart from Him!

On my father's side, my great, great grandmother was Jewish. The Jewish faith is looking for the Messiah. Always searching. Waiting. Praying.

My Christian faith teaches me he has come! Jesus Christ fulfilled every prophecy required to prove his deity. Now instead of waiting for the Messiah, I am living for Him.

Father, thank you for your protection for my family. For keeping my daughter safe through surgery. For my son's skills and love for people. For my husband's faithfulness to me and my family. Lord, I want to point people to Christ through the way I live my life and steward these gifts back to you. I want the stewardship of my family and gifts to always point to the cross.

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