Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Alison

How many people are lucky enough to have their Sister-in-law as one of their best friends? Not many. In fact, Alison and I were friends before she and Jeff, David's brother, ever dated! Their first date was a double with David and I and a little girl she and I both baby sat.

I met Alison when, as a Junior High Student, she volunteered in the multi-handicapped class that I taught. Later, we began going to church with her and her family. Her mom an dad welcomed us right into their lives and home. We ate many meals there and spent lots of time with the family.

Then she became family!

So here's my Thankful List:

1. that Alison volunteered in my class so I could meet her.
2. that she loves my brother-in-law so much. He's like my brother, too!
3. that she loves God. We have spent much time around the altars praying together.
4. that she was there for me when the doctors said I'd never have kids.
5. that she was there when my children were born!
6. that her mom listened to God. That scripture she gave me after the stroke still rings in my ears: This illness is not unto death but the Son of God would be glorified.
7. that she's a mom! I love my neice and nephew.
8. that we can shop together.
9. that we can eat fajitas together!
10. that we can travel to Texas together. That was so much fun.
11. that she is sharing her love for children in her own classroom.
12. that she is willing to travel to see me.
13. that I can travel to see her too.
14. that she prays for my kids.
15. that she is still one of my closest friends.

Love you, Alison. I pray God's blessings on you and Jeff today. In your job, your business, on your children. You are loved by God. He calls you friend. He calls you precious. And He calls you redeemed.

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