Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Woo Whoo Wednesday

I don't have much Woo Whoo today. My Woo Whoo went!

Oh, wait! Yes I do! My dear, dear friend and the best pianist and awesome worship leader and women's speaker and, did I mention, dear friend, called me today.

Rhonda, I loved hearing your voice! I miss you! We've been through alot together and you are so right, time and space does not seperate friends born in God's love!

Yeah, that's a good Woo Whoo!!!

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  1. Kim, I just saw your post on "Simplicity" (linn's site) do you know who has the list of what will be coming in? My mom and I have 6 kids quilts in the works. The 3 bigger kids quilts should be done by Fri. (Lord willing) The little quilts hopefully by next Fri??? I wasn't going to "announce" them, but since they have a house and will need stuff I thought I'd let someone know they are coming. I will send them to the church address if that is best?

    Chris e-mail