Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday (on Wednesday Night)

Tomorrow is yet another horribly busy day in this endless week! So if I want to post my Thankful Thursday, it has to be now.

This week, I want to honor my best friend Kelli.

Kelli Dawn Tiffany -
25 years now! Wait, we're not that old! Twenty-five years since I came as a mid-year transfer to a huge high school, scared and alone. I sat by you in band. Okay, you weren't thrilled to have someone challenging you in the clarinet section, but we fast became friends. You know, I can only think of one other class we ever had together!

Did you know, you've been there through my major milestones?
* High School
* Graduation
* Engagement - you and Kelli were the first to know!
* Wedding
* Birth of two children! Okay, you and your mom earn special jewels in your crowns for
staying through 22 hours of Labor with DCB!
* Keeping Chris when I was put in the hospital with Sis
* You bought your wedding dress on the day Ashley was born
* Ashley's stroke - you were first to the hospital
* Moving in our first Country Home - that scared you! Five hours of cleaning in the kitchen
and I was a little scared, too.
* Calls in the middle of the night
* Calls in the middle of the day
* Voice Mails
* Emails

You are my dearest companion next to my husband. I cannot have imagined this life without you. I truly Thank God for you. For the husband he gave you - I love the way our hubbies look after the other's wives and kids. For our beautiful Prince. (Okay, now I'm crying). For Erica - we needed her as much as she needed us. For Keith - okay, when doesn't want Auntie Kimmie to go home, my heart aches! For Macy - I love the way she crawls into my lap. For the friends you have near to you and for your family. For your brother who walks now with God. For your mom, who now directs the Lord's affairs!

You are so loved. I am so blessed.

Next Week: My other best friend - Alison Lauren. How cool to have a best friend and sister-in-law in one package!

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