Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life Lists

Everyone has this list: Things I Will Never Do

1. Dress as a Big Purple Dinosaur
2. Dress as the Easter Bunny
3. Dress as Mother Goose
4. Dress as Hot Lips Houlihan
5. Dress as Clifford the Big Red Dog

Wait! I've done all of them! And at 39 years old, after 2 very hot hours as Clifford, my dressing-up days are done!


  1. So Kim... I have dressed as the Easter Bunny at a company picnic for an entire day. We need to talk about your Hot Lips Houlihan costume... that is too funny! And one of the things I love most about BK is that he dressed up like Tony the Tiger at his hometown grocery store. LOVE IT... your a woman after my own heart! lv, jen

  2. Kim you crack me up do you have pictures you can show us lol! I would love to see them... :)