Monday, February 9, 2009

Memorial Box Monday Musings

Miss Linn has asked on her blog (, what we would put in a Memorial Box. Here was my reply to her:

I would put a little clock. After Ashley's stroke they told us that had she had it any earlier, she would have died instantly due to the severity of the infarct; had she had it any later she would have been so severally brain damaged she would have been in a vegetative state forever.

God's timing is perfect.(I have to quit reading this at work! It's messing up my makeup!)

You're so right, we may never know the "Why's" but one word in the scriptures you wrote today stands out: TRUST. Whom God trusts.

He will never leave you.

1 comment:

  1. I wear a ring all the time now. Ever since Pastor Dwight spoke on hope in Dec.
    I look at it throughout the day and remind myself that no matter what there is HOPE. That does not mean that things will turn out the way we think, but He is our hope of glory.