Sunday, March 1, 2009

What do I look like?

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to shop, I like clothes, I like to dress up, I like to dress casual; shoes are a passion and so is makeup and lipsticks. (Last week I had 9 in my purse at one time!) Every Sunday I ask David, "how do I look?" He always compliments my clothes or hair and smiles and hugs me. Well, every Sunday except when we have nursery duty - that's a jeans and t-shirt day!

This past week, David was musing over our closet. It's a large walk-in. Around 6x12' with double racks on one side. You could make it a nursery! Or an Office! About 2 feet of this closet is occupied by a filing cabinet. David has about 4' - maybe. The rest is mine! Mine! Mine! All Mine!!!!

I am very organized in this closet. By season, by type, by sleeve length and pant leg length. Dressy or Casual. Two shoe racks on the floor with shoes on each side; hats on the shelf; and a large storage box full of purses.

David made the mistake of saying outloud that he was amazed at how little space he had in the closet.

"Do you need more?" I asked.

"No. But why do you need so much?" he questioned. Foolishly.

"Because I have more," duh!

"I don't understand why you have so many clothes? How many can you wear?" Now, he's ticking me off.

"I wear everything in that closet. I dress for work. For church. Soccer games. Girl Scouts events. You like me looking nice and I do my best," with the little hairs on my neck beginning to bristle.

"Yes, but why do you have so much? I just don't get it." Really?

"Yes, you do. I'm the same as you. You love the hunt. Providing for your family. Meat. A home. This is my hunting and gathering - clothes for the family. Not a thing in my closet cost over $20.00! Most things less than $10.00!!!!! Our children are dressed for less than anyone around because I hunt for bargains!!!!!! I find, I gather." Now I'm starting to see myself as alittle crazed.

"Hmm. Okay." And he walked off! Not that he bought the argument, but he was done.

I am good at shopping for bargains. God has blessed me with the ability to find deals on clothes. My kid's closests can attest to that. I am trying to do more "as needed" shopping, but that usually costs more than buying shirts for Ashley for $3.00 at the end of the season and storing them until next year. (I did that this week! 4 outfits for $21.00)

After this confrontation, I finished dressing, but on my jewelry and left for work. Ticked that he would question my closet capacity.

Skip to today, Geri Swingle spoke at the Dreamer's Encouragement class. It was great! The challenge to me was as follows: Do I look like my Dream?

We often wonder what our dream is to look like, but at what point do we begin to look like our Vision?

Challenge. Not that God is saying, "Giveth thouest clothes to the naked and bare thy closest for thou husbands sake!" No, he's saying that clothes don't make me look the Vision. My heart does. My character does.

And if I don't look like my vision now - pretend! Play dress-up. What do I think my dream should look like? Then dress like that!

We want to be organized. Well, take steps to get it together!

We want to be a good housekeeer. Well, start cleaning!

A cook - buy a cookbook.

You get it? I thought of an old "Fake it 'til you make it!" Not be a fake person. Practice being who you want to be until you become that person. Practice being gracious. Practice self-discipline.

Thanks God for giving me a full closet. Not just of clothes. But a spiritual closet full of people to guide me towards your Vision. A closet full of experiences that guide my heart. A closet of armor so I can Stand for you.


  1. You are one of the most beautiful women I know, inside and out. Your organization skills, compulsiveness with your make up and clothes, as well as your focus on the "inner Kim" makes up the whole package. I'm thankful you're just the way you are--with or without the closet full of accessories! Libby

  2. Ok... so I seriously love this post. Thank you so much Kim. I needed to hear this today. Love you! jen