Saturday, March 7, 2009

Go Debbie!

A few years I ago, I began watching TLC's "What Not to Wear." Love it. (Yes, I love clothes!) Then last year, my diva-in-training discovered the show, too. We have sat and watched marathons of this program!

Ashley has gone so far as to email Clinton Kelly and suggest that he do a children's show on how young women should dress modestly because they show their bellies too much.

Now stay with me, this gets confusing!

Last night, I had a facebook from Jill Palmer that her sister, who lives in New York, had a friend who would be featured on "WNTW" that evening. We set the DVR and thought we'd have to watch it later because of our boys. But - the boys had soccer! So we watched the program!

As it turns out, Debbie (featured on the show) had been reading my blog about Ashley's surgery. Debbie had read Jill's blog - sent there from Jill's sister - then hoped on over to us. I had seen New York on my ticker but didn't know who it was (I love seeing the different places that people read us from!) Once, Debbie had asked Jill's sister how Ashley was doing while Jill and Sis (confused yet?) were talking on the phone.

So now, Debbie - we fell in love with you last night! Your wit and humour - you are such a lovely human being! You must come to Durango! (Don't bring Clinton - he'd have a heart attack. We've been voted the Worse Dress City in America three times!) Come ski, or hike - whatever! And we'll take you shopping Durango style - which means buy whatever you want because no body really cares!

Ashley and I love watching and talking fashion. Cerebral Palsy does not hold this Diva back one bit!!!! Even in a wheelchair, she was styling - bows on the legs of the chairs. In a cast, she was gorgeous - I had to match outfits to go with a green cast! I love mostly that she knows that the inside makes a person beautiful - the outside is just the picture frame for a gorgeous masterpiece.

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  1. Amen sister! So proud of the little fashionista! Love the modesty email too! We need more young women like her. Ashley - you rock!