Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's been a long week. Rehearsals. Set Construction. Followed by another rehearsals. Doctors appointments. School meetings.

My children have been on my last nerve most of the week. Unfortunately, most people I know I have danced around my nerves, tapping on them at random.

My loving husband has annoyed me to no end. Simply things. Nothing big. Just big in my mind.

Financial stresses are burdening me. Health problems after weighing me down.

And if I don't refocus my heart and mind and soul, I will "surely be ruined!" (Passion Play script!)

I am thankful. . .
. . .for Chris's talents. That he sees the good in people. That he watches out for his family.
. . .for Ashley's heart. That she wants to serve God. That she loves everyone deeply.
. . .for David. That he loves me deeply. Even when I seem to cost him more money that I could ever make!
. . .for the Passion Play cast - they are all working so hard. I know that. I hope they know I know that.
. . .for Doctor's who care.
. . .for friend's who love.
. . .for a God who sees the end from the beginning and will walk with me Never leave me.

1 comment:

  1. The Lord thinks of you constantly .Ps 139:17-18
    He sees every tear you cry. Ps 56:8
    You are showing the nature of Jesus by your servanthood