Sunday, March 29, 2009

Broken and Poured Out

I encourage the cast to "leave it all on the stage!" To allow themselves to be broken and poured out as a drink offering to Christ during the Passion Play.

We are not there yet - production is a week away. But I feel broken. In spirit. I am tired and weary and my body hurts. I feel poured out. What do I have left to give?

I pray that God pours into this broken vessel a fresh fire. A fresh wind. An annointing to give more.

I ask for the bloggers to pray for me.

It is hard for me to be transparent and ask for help. Tranparancy in the past has left me bleeding on an altar with wounds afflicted by the "holy." I was more hurt afterwards than before. And I am more than willing to give help but cannot ask for it.

But I need you all. I need healing. My joints and muscles ache. I cannot pick up a coffee cup without my arm hurting. Yet if I have my shoulder fixed, I will be unable to care for Ashley after her next shoulder. My heart is heavy for friends who are hurting and I am caring a feeling of "God you do it for others, why not us?"

Please pray for restoration.


  1. i will hold you up in prayer!
    xx, carie

  2. Absolutely will pray. Thank you for your encouragement and your friendship. You are an awesome wife, mom and friend. Thank you for all you've done and for who you are. Love you!

  3. PS. Seriously? Soccer starts again? Didn't you just

  4. I will pray, my sweet sister. Love you!