Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So almost one week since surgery. Was it really just 7 days ago?

Today I've reached the, "I need out of the house!" mode. David is off at noon tomorrow, so I'll do my grocery shopping then, if not tonight! It's hard for me to be still and quiet. Good practice, though!

The house is quiet. Ashley is watching a movie. Her laughter is back! She giggles when we transport her to the bathroom or carry her downstairs - really most things make her laugh.

God gives us a sense of humour to make it over the rough patches.

Father - thank you for my kids laughter. It's the sweetest sound in the world. I love their smiles and giggles and the way they can make each other laugh. Father, you must get the same kick out of us! That's why you gave us a sense of humour - it brings you joy to see your joy. Thank you for all you are teaching me. I amazed at the vastnessof your knowledge and that you would share it with me.


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