Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day of Pride

I believe. . .

* No one rules without God's consent
* It is my job to pray for our President
* Our Country is great!

In my parent's lifetime, they have seen segregated drinking fountains, and restaurants. They have heard bus drivers say, "move to the back." The "n" word used in the place of a persons name. They watched MLK march and listend to his Dream.

In my lifetime, the first woman Chief of the Cherokee tribe was elected, Wilma Mankiller. I have seen two African-American heads of state - Collin Powell and Condi Rice. I have seen women hold offices in our nation - myself included, as the youngest woman mayor in Oklahoma history; Phyllis Shlaffley, Hillary Clinton, and again Condi Rice (I like her!!!).

I've also lived through the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11/01. Our country's saddest moment - when our own attacked us; and the thinkinable - someone else attacked us on our own soil.

Though he wasn't my candidate, I still felt pride for Mr. Obama as he looked at where he can from to moving into the White House. I was proud that race could be considered an advantage and not a problem.

And I will pray. Like I always have. For God's grace and protection on this Nation. We are the most generous country. We give to each other, to other peoples, to peoples who ridicule and hate us afterwards. And we still will.

I recommend everyone read "The Light and Glory" to see what our history books leave out of the story of our country. We have been directed by God. We still are.

Father God - thank you for being at the helm. I know in whom my faith resides - You! Lord, I ask for wisdom for our leaders - turn their hearts to Your will. Bend their knees to Your presence. Silence their tongues for Your words.

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  1. I feel your stance on this election is full of the wisdom of God! Thank you for writing this....I believe that many Christians are living in fear over this election but it is because we truly do not know the Christ in us, the hope of glory!!!! Thanks Kim!