Friday, November 21, 2008

Glad to be Home

We returned home from Denver today. The trip took about 7 1/2 hours which was pretty good with a bandged, medicated child. We only stopped once for nausea and left a gift in Pueblo. Using the bathroom in Walsenburg was interesting. My back is going to be pretty strong after hefting my daughter in and out of the jeep!

Ashley's surgeon, Dr. Chang, is known for his creative casts. It's green with stars and moons - that glow in the dark! The cast is also covered in glitter and little blue stars.

I am amazed at God's grace. We ate well and slept well - in a hospital! The people were so nice and kind.

And when leaving the hospital, we met Will Smith and a picture made with him. He gave Ashley a stuffed rabbit and a copy of a movie that he signed for her. Plus, he signed her Memory Book "To Ashley, Love Will" with a big heart. She loves Independence Day and Men in Black, so it was pretty cool for her. He's a nice guy.

I'm glad to be home. Two hours after being home, the fatigue and tears came. I had sent David for dinner and was so glad to have Del Taco and not have to cook and as I retrieved a cookbook to look for a recipe for Thanksgiving dinner, the relief came. We're home and safe.

Ashley's settled on a mattress on our living room floor. Her pink and turquoise Christmas tree is lit and setting where she can see it (thanks Kayle and Cookie for doing this - she loved the movie, too!). In the rocking chair are balloons and a bear from her Gran, Nana and Papa Joe; a new Webkins from Miss Kris and Ben and her Build-a-Bear Rabbit. Chris is laying on the couch near her - he's helped move her around and stretch her leg, holding her cheek while she breathed through the discomfort. David and I are in our seats, the dogs in their bed.

And things are okay.

Father - thank you. Just, thank you.

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  1. This is fabulous Kim! Praise God! I am so happy that you both are home safe and sound and now, hopefully, can get some rest! We love you and how cool that you got to meet Will Smith (Benjie is jealous with a capital J :) )!!! See you soon!