Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Surgery #6

Another surgery down!  A left wrist arthrodesis.  Fun to say, not so fun to do!

Ashley did great through surgery.  She awoke from anesthesia better than ever!  We are accustomed to her thrashing, yelling at us, tell us to go away. 

Not this time!  She was sitting up smiling at us.  For a little while at least.

Then the nerve block wore off.  And it wasn't pretty.

Her left arm was in a tourniquet for 91 minutes - 30 minutes shy of when damage begins, but it still hurt a nerve.  Never pain is worse than bone pain - and that ain't pretty!

It took hours and hours to find a drug cocktail to help.  The magic pill?  Lyrica!  Wow!  One dose.  She went from crying and weeping to eating pancakes and going home in 2 hours!  Just 2 hours!

The Pain Team at Children's is amazing!

Children's is amazing!
   Read more at :  http://www.livinginhishope.blogpost.com/

Today, we had to visit the orthopaedic here in Durango.  Her hand was so swollen!  And red and a rash developed on her upper arm.

Problem?  She's allergic to latex. 

Now we've added benadryl to her medication mix and it's getting better.  Good thing to know, too.

She's resting tonight with her hand elevated - Hand Above Shoulder, Shoulder Above Heart. 

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