Sunday, May 22, 2011

Go Big! Ashley's Surgery #5

Here we go!

This one is exciting!  Her surgeries have always improved function, but this one will also make take away pain in her shoulder and arm!

On Friday, May 27, Ashley will check into Denver's Children's Hospital at 10:30 in the morning to begin prepping for a 12:30 surgery.  Dr. Scott will remove one row of bones in her left wrist and then fuse the wrist bones into a neutral position.  Her hand will no longer curl in and rotate backwards!  Something that is painful and quite annoying as well.  In the fall, she will have surgery on her left leg again.

And because we do nothing in a small way, Chris will start playing in the Denver Real Tournament the same night!  His team plays one game each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and possibly on Monday as well.

And...what's Monday?  His 15th birthday!

Can we pack anymore into this weekend?

Oh, yes, seeing the Colorado Rapids play Saturday night.

Thankfully, Grandma and Grandpa Beach are meeting us in Denver!  They've met us for a Memorial Day Tournament the past 2 year - glad they can come this year!  I can go see Chris play at least one game if not more -depending on how Sis feels.

So, if you think your week is busy just start thanking God you are not in my family with me in charge of schedling - we do everything in a big way.

Hey, Go Big or Go Home!

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  1. Your schedule is as crazy as mine right now! I'm trusting and knowing that God is gonna' take marvelous care of all of you this weekend! You go, Ashley! Love you guys so much!