Monday, September 28, 2009

Silverton, CO

Here's some of our group at the Cole Crypt in Silverton. This crypt has been used since 1913 and there are 12 bodies laid to rest inside. YOu can peek in the windows at the caskets! More like crates, really.

Looking into Silverton from the Cemetery.

One of the many unusual tombstones we found on our Scavanger Hunt.
Congrats to Adam Dolbee and Chris Beach for being the first to complete the Scavanger Hunt - your prize is in the works!

Jill and Jack

Our Tour Guide at the San Juan County Historical Society Museum.
He was a "dandy" who struck gold in Galena.
The guy put alot of time into preparing for us! He had worksheets and pencils ready and was available to answer all sorts of questions!

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