Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of Vista Academy

Of the many dreams I've held in my life, I never saw myself at home teaching my kids. Home School Educator is a passion which I have only newly discovered. When my kids were smaller, I felt that if I ever HSed it would be when they were older, Middle School maybe. My certificate is as a MS/HS English teacher, so it would be a natural fit if the need or desire were to ever arise. God planted that seed to prepare me for today.

When we moved in CO, I was amazed at how much further advanced the schools were - yet I loved our schools in OK! - and the kids thrived in their education. And I went to work. For four years I worked in the school system, a job I really loved.

A job I loved so much God had to hoist me out of it! Literally. The funding ended on a federal level, state level and local level! Once I made the decision to follow God's leading, the Fed funding was reinstated! Yet, as the grant ended it became apparent that the district would not keep my program going, I went to God saying, "what next?" Should I get another job? Go back to school? I had this, dare I say, calling to HOME. That's the only word that kept coming to me. Go Home, Kim.

I knew I would be home this year. Then it became apparent that Ashley's learning style did not fit a public school setting. So I decided to HS her. As the year progressed, Chris began requesting HS too! A twelve year old who wanted to be home! Wow!

The reasons for homeschooling are as varied as there are children and families and parents. For us, I wanted to prepare my kids beyond what the schools are able to do. Their minds are sharp and full of questions. I wanted to have that precious time with them that was so quickly slipping away. I wanted to give them a Christian World View that schools cannot give.

Our name grew from this desire. Vista Academy. A School with a View. A School with a Christ-centered view.

It's been so exciting to get ready for this and today was awesome! It's going to be hard work, but it will be worth it! Most hard things are!

So enjoy these pics of our classroom and first day!

In the Classroom ready to start!
(Notice my coffee mug by the printer - filled and ready to go!)

Ashley Ruth - 5th Grade

David Christopher - 8th Grade

Sherman and Annie love having their own bed downstairs where they can watch what happens and where we go! Such a tough life!

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  1. Yeah, and a field trip tomorrow... what a great fun start.