Friday, September 11, 2009


This date has great significance in our Nation's history.

For the first time since 1812, the United States was attacked on it's own soil. Wow! For 189 years, no foreign power dared mount an attack against the United States IN the United States. Our Ambassadors and Service Men had been attacked without mercy, but on that date, the Terror came home.

Yet 8 years later, we are safe. Thanks to those Men and Women. Thanks to strong Leadership in President George W. Bush. But thanks mostly to those who have prayed. Who have humbled themselves to fast and pray and seek God's face.

On this day in 2001, I also became Mayor of our Town in Oklahoma. Me. The youngest female mayor in the state of Oklahoma. On the day that America saw it's greatest tragedy. I will tell you, I learned how to pray. I prayed for our Town Administrator, my staff, our firemen, our policemen. I prayed for wisdom. Before each meeting, I looked to God for guidance. I learned to let God be my front, rear and all-around Guard!

If you've ever been in politics, it's rough. Everything you do is scrutinized. Having been raised in a Minister's home, I can say it's worse than that. I've had people on my property in the middle of the night to threaten us. I've had a gentlemen start a newspaper that should have been named the "Bash Kim Today Gazette." Drug raids, money laundering businesses - I've seen them!

I would never take back those days. Those are some of my closest friends!

But I'm not done yet!!!! Noooooo!

On 9/11/02 I underwent gastric by-pass surgery. Now, you would have thought I would have been smart enough to refuse this date when offered. Nah. Not me!

For two weeks I lay in the hospital fighting to live. After the 2nd blood transfusion, I could tell in my husband's eyes as well as the tone of the doctor that it was not looking good. From complications, a 2nd emergency surgery had been performed. They were unable to close my abdomen after the surgery and I woke to a horrible smell only to find it was me! My gut was laid open and packed with gauze which was changed hourly.

I began quoting, "I will live and not die!" Those were the only words I could muster for days. I was not going to die! And after two weeks I went home. Home but not well.

I battled pain; drug use for pain; constant vomiting (20-30 times a day). But I would not die!

My mind doesn't remember everything. I do remember my kids pulling away from me. THey were afraid.

And I do remember all those people who took care of us for 3 months. They brought food and groceries. They took care of my kids. They ran errands. They stayed with me when I couldn't be left alone.

There's shame in these memories. "If only I hadn't eaten and gotten so big!" I caused my family great pain and time and money.

But there's also great joy - these were my friends and family. To know your family is loved by so many is overwhelming.

Today is an anniversary - Our Country cannot be beaten down! God can use a strong-willed woman to guide a Town! God can deliver us from our own short-comings! God can heal! God can give Grace!

So celebrate!! Look around you today. Remember. But Rejoice! God is Great! America is Good!

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