Monday, September 28, 2009

Sewing Projects

One beauty of Homeschooling is the ability to pursue personal interests. We call them "Specials" borrowing the term from the school district to represent those Special Areas of Interest we have. Ashley likes to sew, so we have incorporated it into our school learning using the Girl Scout Badge as our guide.

First, she picked a pattern:

Next: she learned about right and wrong sides of the fabric and pinning.

Third, here came the machine! I have an excellent machine my mom-in-law gave me years ago. It purrs like a kitten and is easy to learn on. Ashley learned to start and stop a line, turn a line, press seams and press the finished product.

Do you think she's just a little proud?

Oh - don't tell any Grandma's! They may be getting a special treat for Christmas!

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