Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yeah, Still Sex

Tonight was Grooming Night.

I shut myself in the bathroom and did my hair, plucked eyebrows;  my nails have been shaped and legs shaved.

Some of you are saying, "yup, her kids are older."  But when my kids were babies I still did this.  Sometimes it was only a 30 minute slot carved out during nap time.  Other times I enlisted their dad.  Usually on Thursday nights.  I bathed the kids, gave them over to their daddy and headed to the bathroom.

Confession Time:  A friend is growing her hair color out.  Underneath she has discovered beautiful white locks of hair.  We both have an autoimmune disorder.  After reading the link between hair color and autoimmune junk, she gave up haircolor.  I said I'd do it with her. . .I'm a bad friend.  I went and looked into the chemical linked to the diseases and found a haircolor that did not contain that chemical and tonight, I colored my hair.  Underneath my color, all I had found was a mousy brown/gray mess.  The rich brown is back.  Sorry, friend.  I'm still saying, "Cut it short!!"

While I was rinsing my hair tonight, I began to think about Queen Esther.  Only she wasn't queen yet.  She was preparing.  For a year!  They soaked her in expensive oils.  She bathed in scented water.  Her hair was conditioned and combed and made like silk. 

Now that's a Girl's Night Out!

We can't all do that.  That's a bit much.  Even for me.  But it begs the question:  what did I do to prepare for being with my Best Friend today?

Remember those date nights of courtship?  We showered, gussied up.  Smelled good.

Wanna have sex more?  Gussy up again!  Take the ten minutes to take a quick shower before bed.  Spray on something sweet.  Brush your hair til it shines.

Prepare.  For your time with your husband.  Your sweetheart.  Your lover.  Your soul mate.  Your gift from God.

Crawling into bed clean and sweet tells your mate, "Yes, I've chased kids all day.  My job stank.  Dinner was a flop.  But you are worth the extra time and effort."

Put on clean pj's - it doesn't have to be fancy but look nice.

Go the extra effort.  It will be worth it!!!


  1. Being I'm a Texas girl, you know I love this! You're right, lookin' good for your man is super important!

  2. Love this Kim. Thanks for the reminder. On nights when I have banana smeared all over me, peas in my hair and I smell like baby wipes, I will remember this. So will BK. lol I think the same about a husband and wife's bedroom. It should be a SWEET place to spend "time" together. Love this, Peace to you! - jen