Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why I Believe In Santa Claus

Even Santa kneels at the manger
Worshiping the Christmas child
Knowing that the baby there
Is the Savior of the World

Even Santa wears the color Red
Praising the Heavenly Father
Seeing that this baby's blood
Will cover the sins of the World

Even Santa trims his coat in White
Seeking the Holy Spirit
The baby's own comforter
Who brings light to the darkness of this World

Even Santa brings a gift to God
Bowing humbly at the Throne
Reminding us of God's gift - His precious Son
A Christmas Gift to Redeem each child in this World

Even Santa kneels at the Manger
The world's noise and bustle he ignores
His own myth pointing to the One
Who redeems us
Who sanctifies us
Who guides us
                                               ~ KKWB

Merry Christmas