Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For the Orphan

This post has been a long-time coming.  Some things I have to mull over.  Since moving to Colorado, I have been challenged on so many fronts.  God has grown me and stretched me and keeps throwing me on that Potter's Wheel to learn.  He loves me so much.  So he challenges me!

For example, what does a Christian look like?  The guy with dredlocks serving me coffee also attends church and loves God passionately!  His hippy-dippy looks would have made me cross the street 7 years ago, now I want to invite him to dinner!

And what does worship look like?  Seven years ago I would have scoffed at the worship dancer.  On Friday night, I wanted to join her!  However, in platform heels I probably would have broken my foot so I just danced on the inside. 

And massive families!  Wow!  I know two large families and I'm so privileged to love both of them!  God uses each child so miracuously! 

Disclaimer:  I love my family of four, too.  God knows just what we need. 

Our family has been supportive of adoptions.  If it weren't for one very brave birth mom, I wouldn't have had my best friend and cousin, Angie.  My daughter wouldn't have her bestest buddy.  And I wouldn't be blessed with my younger friend either.  My step-sister was a brave birth mom who gave two children life and a family.  They are heroes turning potential tragedy into celebration! 

Note:  Do you know a mom who gave up a child to adoption?  Send her a Mother's Day Card thanking her for giving life!  Know a mom who lost a child to an early death or miscarriage?  Send her a Mother's Day Card - the pain does not go away.  Know a mom who gave a child to abortion?  Send her a Card letting her know God loves her!  She may be carrying a deep hurt too.

But I'd never really thought much about the orphan.  The abandoned, have-no-one-to-hold-me, all alone in the world Orphan.

Then came Colorado.  And our pastors whose hearts beats and bleeds for them.  They are very open with their passion for the orphan.

Not that I was raised completely ignorant of the need of orphans or of Missions.  Quite the contrary.  We've always supported the Assemblies of God Hillcrest Children's Home and Highlands Maternity Home.  I grew up with people like Benny Tipton and Bwana Tembo in my home.  The Assemblies of God Missions department is vast and organized and, frankly, they know what they are doing!  I studied French in high school and college with the dream of going to Africa with the Wakefields.  I never made it.  Maybe....

But my direct impact on the orphans of the world was not utmost in my mind.  Or my heart.

Then I met the Saunders.  More specifically, I met @Isaiah.  Then I was there the day @Elijah and @Elizabeth came home.  I prayed for @Jubilee.  And now she is home.  These little people got in my heart!  And then their older siblings @autumn and @jubilee - became best buddies and friends.  And I've met @ty.  All special kids.

Honestly, I've struggled with my role for the Orphan.  What would God have me do?  Adopt?  Ignore? 

Our family has also taken in College Orphans - kids attending school in Durango, striving to serve God and missing mom and dad.  Through Master Plan Ministries we have met some great kids.  Some needed a place to life.  Others a place to eat.  Some just to do laundry.

We've met Christian Orphans - those whose families have rejected them because they chose Christ.  We've met Locational Orphans - those who just need a Durango Family.  We've met some who have lost a mom or dad;  who have estranged relationships.  ~ Yup, we found or Orphans.

And I've learned that my caring for Widows and Orphans is sometimes just supporting those families.  Like the little guys mentioned above.  When their mommy went to get them and bring them home, I've been honored to have the other siblings over for cookie day. 

Recenlty their mommy was in @ugand@ to serve.  So - Here they came!  (keep reading after pictures)

(I'm the white one in the middle)

My Helper!

Always wants chocolate chip cookies!

Quiet but busy, busy!

She makes my heart happy!

The Big Girls!  They've  moved from the kitchen to
playin in the bedroom now.


I've found my role.  I'm Family Support Personal!

Can you imagine how much these families need our support?  They are bringing home kids who need clothes and hats and mittens!  They need meals and phone calls of encouragement.  Some of these kids have special needs - babysit!

And it's expensive!  Donate to Garage sales and then - shop!  Buy at bake sales!  Is the cost of $50 for a cupcake too much to see a child safe and warm?  And knowing Jesus!?!

Though God has not given me the passion for adoption that he has given others, he has given me a passion for families!  And I have a passion for seeing the God-sized dreams of otheres fulfilled!

What's your passion? 

How about widows?  There are literal widows and widowers who need you!  There are Christian widows and widowers - those who serve God without a spouse - they need you!

There's so much to do in this life!  So many who need you!  No matter your age! 

Get up!

Get going!

If nothing else -

Bake some cookies!!


  1. Thank you for your beautiful post. You have always opened your home to any one who needed it. Thank you for that. In today's church, this is not the ordinary. You are the exception - thank you for modeling hospitality to those in need...and thank you for always loving my kids. They are treasures and they know that you love them. Thank you so much!! I love you sweet friend - and don't forget we need to get together for coffee. My house? Early next week? xoxo

  2. Kim, I love this. So very much! You are speaking directly to the hearts of many who wonder, "am I wrong if I don't feel a call to adopt children myself?" And you're absolutly right-there are so.many.ways. we can care for the orphan...and thank you for adding the widowed in there, too. And the regionally-or-relationally orphaned...I think these people get forgotten, a lot, because so much emphasis is placed soley on adoption. Which, by the way, I love to see...children coming home. just thank you for having eyes (and a heart!) that sees the full span of this picture. You have a beautiful heart, Miss Kim!

  3. Kim! You nailed it. It truly IS your calling. Your gift to support and SEE the needs in families is astounding to me. Your heart to love and take in so many, to give your time treasures and talents to families in our communities. What a blessing that is... and an example. Love it. I think many of us at the River church (because of the awesome example of our pastors) are being challenged to ask ourselves what God would have us do to support the orphan, the widow and the needs locally and around the world. I love that they raise the bar and say... "Break our hearts for the things that break your heart Lord." Love you Kim, thanks for being a friend and an example to me.

    Lv, Jen