Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's It All About?

What's this life all about?

Have you ever wondered that?  Really?  Why do we get up, get dressed, go to work, feed kids, come home, clean, fall in bed and do it all over again the next day?

People have been addressing this question for years.  Rick Warren did in in The Purpose Drive Life.  David pondered it in the Psalms.  Ecclesiates shouts it.  And each human being reaches a point where they say, "chuck it all!  I'm going fishing!"

But who truly answers the question?

God the Father

Our current Church-wide Book read is Radical by David Platt.  It makes you pause.  Reassess.  Question.  All the traits of good writing.

But it's really pretty simple.

God the Son.

It's about His glory.  Not necessarily our comfort.  Honestly, this book flies in the face of many of the things I have learned through the years.  Teaching on weath, prosperity, healing.  Honestly, some things I will hold on to and some things I will let go.  Some things just aren't important to me anymore.  Maturity I guess.

God the Holy Spirit.

It's about His gifts.  Our comforter.  Give by the Father, Promised by the Son.


What if we started with one Radical change in our life?  Just one.  A simple one.  How we pray.

My David once pointed out that many of our prayers are because life has become inconvenient and we are uncomfortble.  The headache.  The bill from where we overspent on a car or house or clothes or food. 

"Lord take his cup that I charged and filled with debt from me!"


It was around 4am this morning that I was contemplating prayer.  And requests.  And healing.  And health. 

Around the 1st of March,  one of my Little Friends at church share their viral infection with me.  Possibly RSV.  The result - can't breathe!  Two emergency room visits.  Two primary care doctors.  Two specialists.  Countless prescriptions.  Inhalers.  Massive steroids.  Muscle cramps.  Sleeplessness.  Wheezy.  Coughing.  Can't be outside. 

My lungs are weak.  I gasp for air in the middle of the nigh sometime.  Sometimes, the couch is my bed.

The doctor told me to take a week off from teaching my Little Friends.

I've been annointed, prayed for, prayed over, prayed at. 

He gives me Grace for each breathe.

Then Chris started coughing.  No.  Not him.  Asthmatic.  Soccer Player.

For Your Glory

"Father," I prayed, "heal my son.  Not for his comfort alone, but for Your glory.  That Chris may use his talents -atheltic and musical - for your Kingdom.  That he lift You up!  That you draw all men to your side!"

Wait.  That prayer was not about Chris!  It was about God!  It was seeing that these light afflictions of our life can be used to glorify God!


One change.  One prayer.  One step.  By step.

Father God, you saved me for your glory.  You redeemed me for your glory.  You have kept me, healed me "and loved me for your glory!  To you be all praise and honor!  Amen!"

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