Monday, October 18, 2010

So Much To Do. . .

*  Clean bathrooms and floors.  When did I do this last?
Vaccum.  okay, did that last week, can eek out a few more days.
Kitchen floor.  Well the sticky stuff does keep the flies from swarming.
Kitchen.  do we really have to eat every day?
*  Laundry.  does it ever end?  Can't we use the underwear more than once?  The bathroom towels have been hanging for two weeks - they can wait.  Jeans?  Dig 'em out of the dirty clothes.  Wear them 4-5 times. . .more.   Come on dryer - you've got a few more good days in you!  Maybe it's time to enlist a dry cleaner.
LEAP.  Ashley.
theWELL.  Chris.
Sort through books.  Both kids can read.  We don't need every picture book ever printed.  We have 6 bookcases, full of books.  And more in the barn!
*  Hem A's jeans.    Has anyone seen my sewing machine?  Maybe she'll have a growth spurt of 3 inches.  Soon.
Swimming.  Okay, I like this time of the day.  Sit on the bike and ride like the wind.
*  Research Baclofen pumps and Brain surgery.  I don't want to!  Can't make me!  I refuse to put on my Big Girl Panties and deal.  Besides, I like my new VS panties.  So cute.  And comfortable.  Cotton.  Cotton pajamas.  And hot tea.  Snuggled in my recliner.  With a good book.  And MASH reruns playing in the background.  Ahhh.  Eazing into a nap.
*  Lesson plans.  This is way Public Schools were created - so moms could breathe!
*  Kids Rooms.  They are on their own!  I can shut their door and spray deodorizer.
Soccer Practice.    Only a few more weeks left.  And one game.  And one tournament.
Workout.    Really?  Running up and down the stairs 20 times a day doesn't count? 
Dentist Appointments.  teeth?
*  Eye Appointments.  Okay, seeing is pretty important.
*  Physical Therapy Appointments.  God bless the PT's.  But I really hate going.  Flashbacks.
Back appointment.  What should they do?
*  Surgeons Appointment.  I will make a plan and pray that God intervenes.
*  Order winter coats.  Wait.  I did that today!  Yeah!
Breathe.  umm, don't know if that's a necessity.
Church.  Oh, this is where I breathe.  The sweet rest of God.  His goodness and grace.  ummmm.


  1. Don't forget about getting hugs from your friends. Cause it sounds like you could use a few! Love you lady!

  2. "If grace is an ocean we are sinkin...
    Oh How He Love Us...."