Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I like order.  I like organization.  Things in their place.

I think the last time that happened in my house ------ well, I can't remember!  Maybe before Chris was born.  I've attempted several times since. All to no avail.

When we lived in Kiefer, our house was much smaller and I was much more organized out of necessity.  When we moved to Colorado, our home was much bigger and suddenly, people felt the need to send things with us.  Then we discovered new hobbies - skiing, 4-wheeling, hiking, camping - all which came with more stuff.

Now our kids are older, their stuff is bigger!  I recently relinquished our classroom/office to the kids for a music room.  The contents include, but are not limited to, 5 guitars, 1 amp, 1 effects machine, 1 electric piano, 2 trap sets, 1 bongo, 1 harpsichord. . .plus all the ecoutrements associated with each item.  Our office/classroom is now in the downstairs "living" area.  So the old drum room, a 15x 10 room which housed drums and a reloading table as well as an extra refrigerator and ironing board, now also has a futon for guests! 

Ah yes, let's go to the Beach's and sleep in the tiny little hallway!  Not to fear, friends, there's heat in the trailer.  And it's much quieter away from the drums.

Suffice it to say, we live in our house.  Every inch of it.  The first few years we were here, we lived upstairs and kept the downstairs prestine - guest bedroom, guest bath, laundry room and storage room.  We occassionaly played games down there.  But now, we are everywhere!

And I have thrown organization to the wind!  I am embracing the chaos!  I am learning to love the mess.  Each stack of papers or clothes is a remiinder of the wonderful life we are living. 

So, I return now to the three baskets of papers in my "Living Office" and keep sorting through papers and making piles of pictures that will one day make it to albums.  If you need me, I'll be downstairs!

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  1. If I don't hear from you in a day or two, at least I will know where to look! And you are still doing better than me - I don't think we have ever been organized!