Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life is Like . . .

Okay, you thought it would say, "A box of Chocolates!" didn't you?  Not here.  Not today.

I am thinking life is more like a Parade.

I love parades!  As a child, my hometown of Big Spring, Texas had a parade for everything!  The Circus Parade.  The Homecoming Parade.  Of course a Christmas Parade!  We would go downtown and stake out our spot on the street and wait for the police car the signified the start of moving joy.

There was the Homecoming Queen sitting on the back of a classic car throwing candy to those watching.  The clowns walking and handing out candy and circus tickets.  Then, being Texas, there were always the horses with the beautiful Rodeo Queens riding their prancing horses and waving their Miss America Waves to everyone.  Oh, how about the little Shriner cars?  The people handing out balloons?

The bank would have a float depicting the Parade's theme.  And the football players and cheerleaders would be on a float too.

My personal favorite?  The marching band.  Marching Band is the second religion of Texas!  If you didn't play ball, you were in the band. 

And everyone stood, removed their hats and covered their hearts when Old Glory passed.  Everyone.

That's life.  We are so eager for it to start.  There are circus clowns and candy and beautiful floats.  Sometimes there is poop left on the road and someone has to clean it up.  There are passions!  There is a God.  There is an allegiance.  The parade is fun and beautiful and noisy and crazy and people from all walks of life are there!  Poor, Young, Rich, Old - everyone can participate!

And then there is an end:  the police car or sometimes the fire engine

Seems like life ends with a parade - or a Procession - signaled at the end by a the local authorities. 

When I go, I want them to wave banners out the car windows and throw candy and yell, "She's home!  Yeah, Kim!  You can go with her!  Jesus loves you!" 

And then a big red Fire Engine with noisy tin cans tied on the back pulling a sign that reads, "Come and Go with me to my Father's House!"

Because I love a parade!

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  1. I want a New Orleans style service. The music, the umbrellas, the works! Let's have some fun!