Sunday, July 11, 2010

Soccer Field

Yes, we are a soccer family.  We have watched 90% of the World Cup games.  We own more soccer balls than Big 5 Sporting Goods.  Soccer cleats are a major purchase and qualify us for rewards on our credit cards.  We know every bathroom between Durango and ever major city without 7 hours drive.  We keep blankets and umbrellas in our car, along with sunscreen and a complete first aid kit.

We play in beautiful sunshine weather - be it in Albuquerque, Grand Junction, Durango, Denver, Colorado Springs. . .

Sometimes it's a LITTLE windy . . .

but we are there with our family.  Chris even has his own cheering section!
The Randol's and Grandma and Grandpa Beach in Denver, CO.

Jacob, AShley, Caitlin and friend in Denver        ~      Sean Randol - player in training

...and the proudest coach in the league - his dad.

Chris can put a big boot on that ball!

Waiting for the play . . .

"Really?  I didn't see a foul?  He ran into MY shoulder!"

On the run.

I recently realized that most of my soccer pictures are of Chris's back.  Why?  Well, the game moves fast.  And, frankly, unless I see the players' numbers, it's hard for me to tell who is who!  There are the blondes, the brunettes and the goalies!  Sad for me to admit! 

But when he is running, I know my son!  Head down, long stride!  When he marks his man, that player is doomed! 

We decided several years ago that God called us - all four of us - to the soccer field.  David has a coach, Ashley and I as spectators and Chris as a player.  How we live on the field says volumes!  

I believe this statement with my whole heart:
"You are either a Missionary or a Mission Field - you choose."

We are Missionaries.  Sharing God's love on a soccer field.  Sharing God's love in hotels (that's a whole other post - if a reservation goes wrong - it's ours.  Once we were put in a conference room with no beds!).
Sharing God's love in restaurants.  Sharing God's love together.  No, we're not perfect.  And that's not the point.

We are forgiven!

Where is God calling you to evangelize?  

Pastor Steve challenged us today - if we are not among unbelievers, how can we  share God?  The Physician came to the sick, not those who are well.  The Deliver came to those in bondage, not those living in freedom.

Who is God calling you to today?

Where is your Mission Field?

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