Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Denver Driving

There is a very wise saying:
             "Somedays are a waste of lipstick."

I know those days.  Maybe if I had put some on, that trip would have gone better.

Last Tuesday evening we left for Denver to take Ashley to see multiple doctors and for surgery.  Our friend Marilyn went with us.  There's always lots of laughter on our trip and this one was no exception, yet some laughter had to wait until time had separated us from the situation!

Our first stop was in Monte Vista, CO for the restroom.  Ashley was nauseated and we both needed to use facilities.  When I saw a locally-owned gas chain that I was familiar with and stopped.  Ashley did indeed need to throw up (Note:  no fish sticks and fried potaotes before Wolf Creek pass).   We bought some snacks, Sprite and loaded back into the car.    Several blocks later, a wedding dress in a store window caught my eye?  Hadn't we passed that before?

Dadgumit!  We were going the wrong way!  Had to turn around.

This shoulda been a sign.

We spent the night in the last available room in Alamosa.  Next door to the breakfast room which started to fill with truck drivers about 5:30 am.  We were on the road early that day.  Going the wrong way again, but this time, on purpose so we could eat at McDonald's.    Our next stop was in Monument - ahh, Kohl's!  After an hour we traveled on to Denver to meet our friends at the American Girl Store.  We were all excited.

Hmmmm.  Three miles to Colfax?  I think we passed our exit.  Called David.  Chris looked it up on the computer.   We had passed the mall about 25 minutes earlier!  So, off 25 we skipped;  back on going the other way and we soon arrived.  Lunch was great - Cheesecake Factory - then shopping!

Then we left to go to the Colorado Mills Mall.  Now Sommer was in charge of directions via Ryan.  Did you know that Colfax does not have an Exit off of C470?  We do.  We then saw Golden, CO and the Coors Factory, I70 and then off the highway.  Sommer is frustrated.  Ryan is, well, his mood is undertermined and don't ask Sommer!  I went into a shoe store and got help.  We were close.  Turned around, but close.

Super Target!  Pei Wei's!  The Mall!  On to their apartment.  There we made it without turning around once!  We had a lovely evening visiting and the kids playing.  Their apartment is so nice!

The next morning we awoke to snow and a fresh-made quiche.  We allowed an hour for travel.  I listened carefully and repeated the directions back to Sommer on how to get to Colfax.  One major problem - which way do you turn on Colfax?  I thought I knew.  I was turned around.  Let's blame it on arriving after sunset, okay?  And the snow.  The visibility was low, too.

My first clue should have been hearing myself say:  "I have never driven East in Denver and seen a Mountain."   Uhhhh, duh!   In all our wondering the day before, I just assumed we had gone further west than I knew and we had to go around a mountain.  Uh, no. 

I got on I70 going East.  But I was so turned around, I knew we were headed the wrong way.  At some point (okay, maybe more than once) I heard myself saying, "Stupid State!  They mark the highways where you are coming from not going to!"   Marilyn was overwhelmed and said nothing.  I just kept going "East".  Until we hit Morrison, CO.  Yes, nestled in the mountains, quaint little Morrison.  The guy inside gave me directions, which I again messed up!

So, if ever in Morrison, heading to Aurora and you miss the 70 exit - Take C470 south to Santa Fe;  Santa Fe north to Bellevue;  Bellevue east to 25 north;  25 to 225;  225 to Colfax exit and you are there!  Our 40 minutes drive took 90 minutes!

We had called ahead and the Dr was waiting for us.  THanks, Dr. Collins. More on that appointment later, but I will say that it lead to more phone calls and scheduling.

After the visit, we were getting gas and I called David to get an update.  I was, ummm, a little on edge.  I felt like a complete idiot (no, we weren't laughing too much yet).  I wanted my husband to say, "Darling, love of my life, it could happen to anyone.  You are such a good mom.  You've taken good care of our kids.  I know this is hard, taking Sis to surgery and doctors appointments.  Anyone could get lost!  And you have only driven in this town 3 times in your entire life!  In fact, it's wonderful how well you've done!  You have such great directional sense, it was just a fluke because you are tired and worried.  I love you."

Instead, I heard, "One would think if you are on the South side of Colfax, you would turn left."  I replied, "that would be assuming one knew WHICH side of Colfax they were on to begin with."  And then I said bye.  The doctors' office was calling and I had to do more scheduling while I pumped gas, fought tears and fatigue.

We went straight to a  Chipotle's and ate in honor of Kayle's birthday.  I went to the bathroom and cried.

I have this mental picture of God leaning over a cloud in heaven saying, "Seriously?   SERIOUSLY?  The State marked the highway signs wrong?  And you're the first, in history, to notice it?  Really?  I'm right here, Kim.  I've put up an entire MOUNTAIN RANGE to give you direction.  You can't see it?  (by this time, God is laying on his stomach, stretching over the edge of that cloud, waving his hand in front of my face)   KIMBERLY!   Look up!  Woo hoo!  See me!

We all have stresses and life-highways we are trying to navigate.  Sometimes the stress keeps us from sleeping.  It forms a knot in our stomach.  And, unfortunately, it puts tunnel-vision goggles on our face.  We only see the road immediately ahead.  No signs are marked.  We can't hear good advice.   All we can see is that darn Mountain that's in the wrong place.  And that Mountain is God.

Stop today and look around.  Where are you?  What roadsign had God put in front of you?  Quit trying to get around that Mountain and ask directions!


  1. I so could have been in your shoes sister. I get so turned around. Thanks for sharing.

  2. All things considered, I am so glad that I got to see you and Ash--ley. I hope things are getting back to norm.