Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here we go again!

Next week, Denver's Children's Hospital will be blessed with the presence of two great gals from Durango, CO!   On April 30th, Ashley will be having the screws removed from the growth plate of her right knee and our friends daughter will be having surgery as well - the same day!  Okay, we are actually neighbors and I would much rather hang with them at our house or theirs, but we're going to Denver.  And no, it wasn't planned.

You can read about our friends and their daughter at: http://aplacecalledsimplicity.blogspot.com/

Please keep these gals in your prayers.  And their families!

Ashley doesn't always come out of anesthesia well.  Actually never.  She screams and cries for Chris, pushes people away and sometimes they must give her lots of meds for pain control.  Then, we get to travel home with her.

On Thursday, she is attending two clinics - neurology and orthopaedic. They evaluate her progress and she how they might be able to help her further.  We have some friends living in Denver now (boo-hoo!) and we will be staying with them.  And, going to the American Girl store!  Oh, yeah.  And Kohl's.  And maybe a real mall!  And eating out!  Just hanging with friends will be great.

When we get home, Ashley wants her screws welded into the shape of a cross for a necklace.

A cross.  At the cross.  That's where we live.  Beneath the shadow of the cross, covered in love and forgiveness.  Showered with grace and fed on mercy from the Father.

Hmmm.  What a nice place.

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  1. You know you two are going to drink all the coffee in the joint! Seriously, though, I know God has the two of you up there together for a reason, and know that we will be praying! Love you lady!