Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Caution: God at Work

As pastor ended his sermon series this week on The Keys to the Kingdom, one statement has shouted at me.  It has yelled at me the past two days.  I wake up thinking about this.

God is always working on my behalf!

Wow!  For me? Yes, me.

This past fall, I was plagued with computer problems and for 2 months I had to beg computer time from my kids.  Each day, Chris would say to his dad, "get her a new computer!"  No one wanted to share with mommy.

What they learned later was humbling for them - the time I spent on their computer was researching our vacation plans that we suprised them with on Christmas Morning.

I think the meal they had that day was crow.

How many times do we complain to God?  It's too hot, it's too cold.  I don't like my car.  My kids won't behave.  I hate my job.

Then days, months maybe even years down the road, we look back to see that the heat made the plants grow that fed our family.  The cold snap calmed downt he allergans that were making us miserable.  That car may have been old and slow but it kept us safe.  The kids were growing up and, well, being kids.  And God provided a new job that we could never have been dreamed of in our wildest imaginative regions.

He was working.

We were complaining.   And He was still working.

Father, forgive me for being so short-sighted.  I will trust you.  On this path.  In this season.  With this breath.
You are working on my behalf and I am so amazed.

Thank you.


  1. Thanks for sharing Kim; that was just the humbling I needed today. All praise that He Is Still Working!

  2. Thanks Kim, I needed to hear that AND your recent post about being "closer than I was" really hit home too.