Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Curmudgeon Does Disney World

We did it!  Ten days after major surgery, I boarded a plane for Orlando, Florida!  We were on the ground only two hours before we walked into the Magic Kingdom. 

And it was spectacular!  Music heralded our entrance into the hotel as if we were royalty.  As we entered the Magic Kingdom, the Celebrate! Parade began, welcoming us to our vacation in grand style.

There are many blog posts formulating in my head from this trip.  But first I want to say that "the happiest place on earth" made me feel like an old fuddy-duddy!  I began to formulate a list of possible improvements for park management and suggestions to help everyone enjoy the Magic more:

*  Walk-way cops:  any group caught walking more than two-abreast should be ticketed and forced to sit for ten minutes while other families pass

*  Those who are blind enough to step in front of walkers, strollers, and wheelchairs deserve to be hit.

*  No child under 5 should be allowed in the gates.

*  All children 5-8 must leave the park for 2 hours for a mandatory nap

*  Men are not pack mules

*  Moms - you DO NOT have to see everything in 4 hours.  Pace yourself.

*  PERSONAL  SPACE - please do not stand on my back while waiting in line for a ride.  The wait is only 5 minutes and leaning on me will not get you on the ride any faster!

*  Parents - if your child falls asleep on the bus, let them sleep!  It was your idea to get up at 3am, fly across the country and then drag them into a park.  Yelling, "wake up!" will not help them nor those around you who are wanting to push you out at the next stop.

*  Oh, was that my elbow?  So sorry.

Okay, maybe the pain pills had me a little tired.  And the kid who ran into my stomach on the first night did not help.

But you know what was great?  What was the best thing ever?   Seeing my family - together.  smiling.  laughing.  playing in the rain.  telling jokes.  smiling at the little kids.  screaming on roller coasters.  and at night, snuggling into our hotel room and being thankful to God for the ability to be together.

Where is the happiest place on earth?  Right here.  Right where my family laughter rings.

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