Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here we go. . .

I have to borrow from a friend's blog:  "was this in the plan?"

We are not known in our family for doing one thing at a time.  We tend to pile things up and run around like headless chickens for weeks on end and then collapse.  True to nature, here we go.

As you may have read we have a vacation planned to Florida.  We leave in four days.  We are very excited. 

Then, we had decided to remodel the kitchen, so we ordered our cabinets to be delivered the week we return from the trip.  That meant that some demo had to start the Monday after the Super Bowl.

Monday night our friends Larry and Marilyn had come over to help with the demo.  I fixed dinner and we were all sitting down to eat.  I felt tired and not hungry.  Didn't really eat anything.  We were laughing about life and such things when my stomach felt a sharp pain.  I went to the restroom and the pain continued - for 6 hours!   I moved, bathed, took some pain meds, walked - everything I could do to get the pain to stop.  Really felt like I had pulled something in my side. 

I knew I was going to end up in the ER and should have said so before Larry and Marilyn left.  But, no!  I'm brave!  At 12:30 am, I was done.  I woke David and said I had to get help.  We woke Chris, said we were going to the ER and daddy would be back once I was settled.  This had happened a few months ago and they thought it was my back.  A few pain meds and I was good.  Easy. 

Yeah, not so easy this time.

The longer I was there, the worse the pain.  The medication lasted about 15 minutes short of it's needed duration.  So, ever 45 minutes I was dying!   We still thought it was my back.  I sent David home and I called Marilyn to come to the ER. 

By 5:00 am, they had decided it was a blocked intestine and inserted a nasogastric tube.   Can you say, "Medeival Torture?"    Oh, yuck.   They call was made to give 48 hours to let the tube deflate the blockage.  THat didn't work.  So, Monday morning they decided to operate that afternoon.

And can they do it with a scope?  Of course not!  I had a gastric by-pass 7 years ago.  My anatomy is not exactly text-book.  Then add a tummy tuck 4 years ago.  So, they had to open me up.  Inside, the intestine was strangulated by scar tissue and was an easy fix.  They also found adhesions that were holding my intestines to my back.  They were released as well.

After 5 days in the hospital, I was home.  And amazingly, they said, "take the trip!"  Really?  I mean, I"m very excited.  Not that I haven't questioned their wisdom.

I'm on a low-fiber diet and tonight was the first meal I ate that didn't kill me!  (THanks, Teri!)   I feel like, like, well, like 2 surgeons put their hands in my guts and swished them around.  Today is better than yesterday and I know it will get better still.

But now I wonder, God was this in the plan?

We had prayed about the Trip to Florida.  Every thing we wanted, God provided - the hotel, dinner reservations, flights, etc.  And now a major surgery?   And food hurts me?  And my tummy is swollen?

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD.  Isaiah 55:8

There are times I"m glad His ways are not mine!  I could never have dreamed all the blessings He has given us.  And times, my thoughts would have cut some people off at their knees!

In prayer today I told God, "I am so thankful this did not happen in Florida.  But if it were all the same, between you and me, couldn't this have waited until AFTER our trip?  Or, being the Omnipotent, couldn't you have just healed me?  Couldn't I have just rejoiced in divine health instead of walking in pain?"  God smiled.

Tonight, I will rest.  I feel it.  Not another sleepless night walking between rooms, heating pads and recliners.  And I will trust that the God who provided the trip will provide the strenth for it!

Thanks to everyone who has fed my family and loved on my kids! 

And a big benefit!  Miss "Can Plan The Fun Out of Anything" is going to have to slow down and enjoy each moment of this trip!

Monsieur, an iced tea and poached chicken here!  Delivered to my cabana!  While I watch the fireworksWith my friend Goofy!

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  1. Glad you are better!!! And I hope you have a wonderful time in Florida. It sounds divine right now, doesn't it?