Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What if. . .?

I tend to think alot. Maybe too much.

Lately I've not been writing alot.  Busy?  Yeah.  Tired?  Some.  Sick?  Yeah, that too.  It just seems that I've been, ummm, rumitating on some things.   Most recently, I've been wondering about a new "What if?".  I like "What if's" - it let's our imagination soar.  It inspires creativity and sometimes just makes us giggle.

So put on your thinking cap, your adventure cape, and grab your magic wand and let's imagine:

What if we all loved what did so much that we just gave it away?

What if the builder loved making houses so much, he built one and just gave to the first person he saw? 

And the wood and materials for the house?  It came from the logger who loved to cut and grow trees.  The miller who loved to make planks.  The craftsman who found joy in making windows.

What if a baker loved kneading dough and creating bread and pies and cookies that each day, he took trays of baked goods and gave them away to people on the street.  The flour came from a miller who liked to grind wheat.  The wheat from a farmer who finds great happiness in the golden grains grown on his land.

What if a seamstress made clothes and gave them away?

What if an artist painted masterpieces to be handed out at coffee shops?

What if a cook made casseroles and gave them out to all her neighbors?

What if musicians played for pure enjoyment?

Notice, there is no mention of  "need".  If we gave away what we had to those around us, there would be no need.

Perhaps the opposite of Need is Greed.

Maybe we should ask ourselves, "What am I holding on to that I would love to see someone else have?  What do I love to do that would bless someone else?"

Could it be we have forgotten what we love to do?

Hmmmm, I was just thinking. . . .

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  1. Wow Kim. That is a challenge for sure; thanks for sharing!