Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to Humiliate a Schnauzer

God had a great idea when he made pets.  We've been blessed with two great pups the past 5 years.  Sherman came from Sherman, Texas.  He was actually the kids' dog who lived with Papa and Mama Mike until we moved to Durango, CO and he came with us.  A year later, his sibling, Annie, joined us.

Recently, we had to have Annie put down due to cancer.  We have some great memories of her, though!  Like the way she would run into the back screen - she wasn't smart but was sure sweet!  She hated thunderstorms, too.  She would sneak into our bedroom and doggie crawl up the side of the bed to meld her body into mine until the storm passed.  She loved to ride a Quad, too.  When camping, she'd run towards the 4-wheeler when she heard it start up and want to ride.  She loved camping!

Sherman is now man of the house again.  Since Annie's passing, he has been treated like royalty!  He loves Cheese Puffs - the big ones!  And he's pretty fond of potato chips, too.  He already loved popcorn and is quite willing to try new foods.

Winter is his least-favorite season.  He hates the snow.  His little feet get so cold.  It does bring out a unique talent - he can hike his league and pee pee between the slats of the back deck! 

At Christmas he received a new sweater and new booties!  (look in the picture above).  He's not real found of either gift.  He walked like a duck in the booties - then he another dog looked at me, and he quickly forgot his feet in favor of "protecting" me.  He is very protective but likes to meet new people, too.  And good with kids.  Even when they are trying to catch his little stubby taile!

Merry Christmas, Sherman!

Sorry about the sweater, dude.  But you do look handsome!

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