Thursday, December 24, 2009

Come to the Manger

I love Nativity Scenes.  I have a gold one that plays music.  A glass set that I paid 99 cents for at a dollar store when we were first married.  A bear set that a friend bought me.  And then, there's my favorite set of all!  

Now this is not a fancy ceramic nativity set.  Too stuffy for me.  It's a Fisher Price Little People's set I bought when the kids were little.  Those cute little round faces remind me of my kids when they were much younger.  I love that kids can play with this set and it won't break.

While I was picking up the house for the holiday, I took a close look at this little set and found new members!  Jesse, Woody and his horse, the little miner dude, and a plastic pig had found their way into the scene.  They were all gathered around the baby Jesus.  I didn't dare move these precious pieces.  One of our little friends and very deliberately placed these new-comers at the manger.

It reminds me that there's room at the manger for everyone.  You may feel you don't "fit" into the Christian scene or that church is not for you.  But God is for you.  And everyone fits into His plan!

Jesus is waiting for you.  Not as a baby.  Today He is waiting as your Savior.

Merry Christmas.

May the Christ of the Season
and the Baby of the Manger
Become your Savior Today.

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