Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dante Missed the Mark

In homeschooling, I have the desire to introduce my children to different genres of music and literature including those called classical as well as modern.  The music has been easy - I love so many different types of music that my playlists are very varied.  Classical, Jazz, Rock, Latin, Christian, Country, Gospel, Bluegrass.  It's all there.

Literature is easy for me as well.  Afterall, I was an English ,major in college.  I've ready more books than I care to recall and loved most of them.  I like to read to my kids and most times they like it as well.

Today, the Christmas holiday was the source for an unlikely introduction:  Dante's Divine Comedy.  First there's Limbo, the River Styx, the City of Dis, leading to Malebolge and finally the ninth level, Cocytus.  On the way you pass demons, Minotaurs, harpies and taste poisin fruit.  Though a purely  fictional picture of hell, it is a very graphic one.

But my family decided that had Dante been alive today, he would have added a tenth level:  the American Shopping Mall at Christmas time.  The crowds, the noise, the lines!  The lowest level of hell would have bound within the walls of this shopping institution.

Seriously?  It was only Farmington, NM! 

The 10th level would truly be Grapevine Mills Mall at Christmas Time!  With two toddlers.  And a husband.  And no food court.  Or stroller.    Now that would be torture!

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