Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"I Need to Touch You!"

Our family loves a good movie and especially a true story.  This weekend we were in ABQ for the final soccer tournament of the season (they fought hard!) and with the games ending by 2:30 on Saturday, we neaded to the theater to see "The Blind Side".

When I was pregnant, I would cry at coffee commercials, sob at Hallmark commercials and had to give up watching any Movie of the Week special!  As I've aged, mostly from lack of hormones, I don't get quite so emotional.

I cried through this movie.

I became teary-eyed when I watched this young man walking down a street, homeless and abandoned.  I dabbed my eyes when he said he had never had a bed.  I cried at his joy over buying a new shirt and by the time he played football at Ole Miss I was weeping.  I was a blithering idiot watching the joy this family had found in opening their home and heart to someone.

This keeps going through my head:  I may not be able to change the world, but for one person I can change their world.

Where is God leading in all this?  I do not know.  I do know I'm being stretched in my preconceived ideas; challenged in my judgements and brought to repentence through His sweet Spirit.

A few weeks ago, I walked by a class at church and one of my little friends called to me in her sweet African accent, "Keeem!  Come here!  I need to touch you!"

Words from the mouth of a babe.

Who needs our touch today?  Whose world can we change?  Whose eternity can we impact?  Where is He leading and am I truly willing to go?

I am so struck by the thought that somewhere out there, someone needs us!  Someone needs a family.  Someone needs a friend.  Someone needs hope.  God's hope. 

Someone needs to touch us.

Father, my heart is broken for those who are alone.  Show me what to do.  Lead me where you want me to go.  Open doors, Father.

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  1. You have such a big heart, my friend, and a passion for being wherever God wills you to be. Be patient...I know He's working through you, and you will know when you know. While you're readying, continue to grow, love and prepare your heart for another who needs you.