Monday, March 5, 2012

To My Iron Maidens

When you agree to join a group - any group of individuals, be it faith-based, hobby-based, like-interest-based - prepare to be challenged.

Challenged because we are all humans and we bring our own junk to the table - we love each other anyway.

Challenged because we all bring different life experiences into the group - and diversity is great.

Challenged because each personality presents it's own unique set of boundaries and quirks - and realize you are not always easy to be with either.

These groups will either grow you or make you tunnel so deep into yourself that you bring a whole new meaning to the word Narcissism!

I joined our book club because I like to read.  Really like to read.  To escape into the pages of a book is my greatest joy.

I joined  because I was no longer working and missed adult conversation.

I joined to meet people.  To know my friends better.

But these ladies are Iron Maidens!

They don't choose touchy-feely, mushy, self-congratulatory books!  They choose books that drive you to your knees!  Books that take 3 months to read!  Books that sometimes I want to throw out the window because they so challenge me where I live.

Each Iron Maiden brings so much to the table -
A newly wed, expectant mom with the zeal of life I forgot was  possible - she is our energy;
A mother of almost-four who budgets and plans with the intensity of tornado, pouring into each child
    intensely and each friend with immense grace and quiet solemnity - she is our steady rock;
A mom of two, business partner to her husband, missions worker,  who is adopting two sisters from Africa
   and walking a life of faith - she is our quiet peace;
A wife, and mom who loves us with the zeal of a prophet and tackles each challenge in life as if each
   moment might be her last to love us - she is our cheerleader;
A wife and mom and minister who never thought she'd be leading her own family in a Christian walk
   not to mention a herding a team of workers and volunteers and children- she is our spontaneity!
New to the group is our muse.  This mom of two who works from home always brings a song or story
   to nail a point of God's love.
Another wife, mom of 3 and minster who is constantly thinking, digging, striving, delving for truth - in
   God's word, in each situation, in each book, in each life - she is our Jimny Cricket - our conscience.

I don't know where I fit in.  I'm just honored to know them.  They have enhanced my life so much!  I can text each and everyone of them for prayer at a moment's notice - and they can decipher my texts!   I love their kids!  I love their ministry.  I love that they put up with me and my cynicism (I'm working on it!  I promise!)

This Saturday, our women will meet for a breakfast.  It's been a long time since we've all been together.  I hope there's relationships made so that other Iron Maiden Groups can be made!

I love my Maidens!

... stepped you up from COWS!


  1. This post is so true. Only God would bring a group of women with such diverse backgrounds, upbringings and needs to this place for this time and season. We need each other, we learn from each other and in the process we are transformed to look more like Jesus and His love. Here is where you fit in.. you are a warrior Iron Maiden. You my friend are the overcomer... of so much. So much... you are a warrior for your family a warrior for your Jesus and have a keen eye for what needs to happen. Like I've told you... I appreciate you. I appreciate your example of being a Mom and a wife, I appreciate your love of children and families and I love how you use your giftings and the truth you know about Jesus to fight the good fight. (with love) You know how to do it with love and God loves that. (clapping hands) Love you chica, Thanks for this post! :)

  2. Love being part of the iron sharpening iron! May our time together never be wasted- be it challenging each other, drying tears, digging into the Word, or giggling over plumbing (still makes me laugh!)! Thank you for being a part of our group!