Monday, January 16, 2012

Do We Just Hear or Do We Listen

I was probably 15 when I became aware of the country of Romania.  A friend I met at camp was training with a famous gymnastics Coach from this country and she would tell the stories he told of his homeland.  They always stuck with me.


Over 6 years ago we joined a church.  They send a Missions Team every Christmas to Romania.  So cool.  I loved seeing the pictures Tom and Alyssa posted and hearing Morris' talk about the kids.

Last fall, our kids held a Pancake Breakfast at church.  Morris called me over.  "Kim," he said, "Tom just asked me who I thought should go to Romania with us.  I told him, Kim Beach."  Wow.

So after Christmas this year, I send Tom an email asking how much money Ashley and I would need to go with them on their 10th Anniversary Trip to Romania.  I was amazed it was cheaper than I thought, but still a hunk of change.  For two of us.  And now, Chris said he wants to go.  Let's see, 3 x $3400 = alot of faith.

Then today, I jumped on me blog and scrolled down to see where visitors were coming from - Romania.  Did I read that right?  Romania?

We often pray to hear God, but so often we just don't listen.  I'm Listening God.

Romania?  With my two kids?

Counting on You to provide.  Counting on You to prepare the way.

I'm listening. . . keep talking!!

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