Monday, January 9, 2012

Do Over Plan

One of my favorite attributes of God is His Gracious "Do Over" Plan.  Don't you remember playing games as a kid and a mistake would be made and someone would yell, "DO OVER!"

There was always one quicky thinking kid in the bunch who would start the game by calling, "No Do Overs."  This kid was never my friend.

My best friend growing up was Melissa.  We started kindergarten together and went through elementary school.  Her mom was my middle school math teacher.  Her brother our constant nemesis. 

She taught me to tie my shoes.

And with her death, she reminded me to live.

If it weren't for Melissa, I would have sat on the bench through most recesses and PE classes.  I am not nor have ever been athletic.  Volleyball is about my only sport - no running involved.  But I have to admit my pulse raced and fear pounded in my temples every time the ball came towards me.  No one knows the courage it took for me to be on the court.

But Melissa was different.  She could play many sports.  And she was good.  And when she was Captain, I was always chosen second. 

And she always let me have Do Overs.

Each morning, each Monday, each first of the month, each new year can be seen as a Do Over.  And that's how I've approached life.  Mess up.  Go to bed, sleep if off.  Do Over.

2011 was super busy.  Two surgeries for my kiddo.  School.  My own health difficulties.  But it wasn't bad.  I don't need a do over.

I want a Do It Better year.

Matthew 6:33 is my Do It Better Motto.

     "But seek first his kingdom and His
        righteousness, and all these things
        will be given to you as well."

We got alot right in 2011.  We did better than 2010.  But I want to do better!

Each morning, I'm dedicated my beginning to Christ.  Through His word.  Through prayer.  Through the quiet of His presence.  I'm counting on Him to add the other things - housework, teaching, health, finances.

It's a sacrifice.  I like sleep!  I have trouble getting to sleep and like to sleep in.  This is requiring a life change. 

But He is always worth the extra effort!

Can't wait to see where He leads this year!

So, tell me this, What's Your Do Better verse this year?

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