Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here I Am

...in Oklahoma.

Where it's beyond warm and humidity takes on a whole new meaning.

My hair is bright red from the water and curly from the moisture in the air. It takes forever to dry!

This week, I was to begin training for the Run for Orphans.  The air temperature doesn't get bearable until it's been dark 60 minutes!   And I'm coughing.  My mom has  a cute kitten but she is not kind to my allergies so I'm using my inhalers.

I have been able to finish school reports and work on next years plans and read some.  Cooked alot.  Freezing stuff.  My mom stays quite a bit at my aunt and uncle's house - okay they're really my cousins but in the south anyone close to your parents age is an aunt and uncle.

Chris made the Junior Varsity soccer team as a sophomore.  I"m very proud of him.  He has worked hard all summer to make it;  to show himself approved.  Workouts, runs, healthy diet.    Now we have his schedule and it's alot of travel - but I won't miss a game.

That means the Run for Orphans is presenting a dilemma.  We will be in Grand Junction that weekend.  I"m thinking I will do my Run, rather Walk, the week before.  I've made a commitement.   Don't think I can run it - can't even breathe well - but I can walk it.

Funny how things don't ever turn out like we except.  Sometimes they're better.  Sometimes not.  It's not the results that matter but how you handle them.  How do you hold on to your integrity?  What do you do with the unexpected crisis, and the equally, the unexpected blessing?

I want to meet them both with equal grace.  Not given to worry or self-glory.  I've done nothing in myself to warrant either - my Father knows what I need and what I can handle and he knows what refining fire I need at each stage of my life.

Grace, Grace, God's Grace!

My prayer.

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  1. Kim, I hope your mom continues to improve and feel better. Hang in there with the walk or run, there's always another 5k around the corner. I am trying to learn to run up and down all the hills here in Heavener, and yes it's too hot to run except at 8:00 p.m. or 6:00 a.m.!
    I always enjoy your posts. :-)