Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday - January Snows

Yes, it's beautiful!  It's just wet enough to build stuff with yet still so fluffy.  And it keeps coming and coming and coming. . .

The snow sticks like fluffy cotton balls to the pine tree.

Playing in the Snow.

Shovel what?

The snow came out for Tuesday afternoon and we played outside.  The kids fell off the porch backwards into the snow banks, dug a snow tunnel and made a path for Sherman from the front door to the backyard and around the trees for him to play.  The next snow fall filled the path and the only trace of it was the deer tracks left by our neighbors.  They liked having snow only 4" inches deep to walk through instead of 15"! 
See the water well top behind Chris?  The snow is now covering it.  And we still have at least 2 more days of this storm!  Yeah!  Hope I can get out to get eggs, milk and bread!

It is very humrous to me to hear people complain about our snow.  First, they live in Coloardo, what do they expect?  Second, it provides moisture to the ground, rivers and lakes and helps prevent those nasty little forest fires.  Third, it is a reminder of God's grace and provision.

The snow covers the dirt, brown grass left by the fall.  As it melts, we will see little sprigs for green grass pushing through the snow.  A new birth! 

Much like God's grace covers our sin;  erases it!  And as He melts and molds our heart, a new creation springs forth!

The snow is also God's provision and reminds us that it's not always easy.  Sometimes it's down-right inconvenient!  But every bump on the path has a purpose, providing us the character we need for the next steps He calls us to walk.

So don't miss the beauty of the path!  Enjoy the course! 

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Spoken like someone who doesn't have to shovel said snow... :P

  2. PS. The snow is absolutely beautiful and peaceful. I do love it. It just is very challenging to get anywhere in it. Love you!