Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A New Era

Tonight marks the second time Ashley has cooked dinner for us.  I mean cooked - by herself!  The first meal she fixed was grilled steaks and tonight we had chicken fajitas.  Both meals were wonderful.   This follows on the heels of her superb brownies she made at Christmas.

Watch out world!  We have a great cook on our hands!

Who says you need two hands?  She amazes me what she can do with just one arm.  Don't think it's hard?  Try it yourself.  Tomorrow am, tuck your left arm in your shirt.  Now, put your pants on, wash your face, brush your teeth, put in your contacts, make your bed, tie your shoes.  Hemiplegics do it every day!  Wow.

And what is her favorite new saying, "I survived a stroke - what's your excuse?'

What is your excuse?  What is keeping you from doing more?  Doing what you love?  Doing something different, trying something new?

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  1. Tell Sister I love the attitude! We will volunteer to be her guinea pigs anytime!