Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gov't as Health Provider

For everyone who still thinks that the President's Healthcare plan is wonderful, or even plausible, please consider the following.

I am one of millions of students who took out government loans to pay for college. We celebrated in December 2005 when we were able to make the last payment and have that "monkey" off our back.

Then this week, I received a letter from them with a check for $3.48. Apparently, 4 years ago, I had overpaid by this amount.

If a paltry overpayment consumes them for 4 years, how can we receive the care we need on time!

The Government was established to protect its citizens so that they can live their lives without fear or imprisonment or enslavement. Yet, we are all slaves to those over-grown beast, working to pay into a system that cannot payout properly, and honestly, was not designed to do so.

I want to decide what my children need, not Uncle Sam or his Big Brother!


  1. Okay that's freaky....I agree. The way we are headed is frightening! Oh and congratulations on being done paying of your loans. That was definitely cause for celebration!

  2. I'm with you sister! Can't put it much better than that.

  3. I know we have to trust in God, and I know He is in control. But it makes me so sad to see our great country head down a path of total stupidity. People don't even notice that they are losing their freedoms. We all need to continue to pray for those in power that they will seek wisdom from the One with ultimate power. Sommer:)

  4. I can't agree because your argument isn't about health care. I know many who are suffering because of our broken system, and I'm trying to find an answer in the midst of all the smoke that really addresses people's needs. I want to find something that works... I think that means we need to talk about the real issues and not bring in side incidents. In the end, I'm not sure I can support the health care plan as proposed, but I am hungry for honest discussion.