Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet My Family

I'd love to introduce you to my family.

First, there's my husband, David. We met in when we were 12 years old at Sapulpa Junior High School in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Attended high school for 1 year together before I moved to Tulsa and then met again four year later at freshman orientation at the University of Tulsa. We fell in love in college and married soon after graduation.

David is my heartbeat. I love his fierce blue eyes and determined nature. The safest I feel is nestled in his arms. He makes my heart skip a beat when he winks at me. My greatest joy is being his wife. I still get giddy when I see him!

Then came David Christopher. He was an unexpected yet hoped for miracle child. After years of trying to conceive, we gave up and God took over - nine months later our son was born! He loves soccer (right defender) and music (plays the drums), riding his four-wheeler and backpacking.

Amazingly, 26 months later followed Ashley Ruth. If Chris is our "pressed down shaken together" Ashley is our "running over." We were suprised to have her join our family and elated on the day she was born. She was quiet, ate well and slept through the night. But she found her voice and her fiestiness! Ashley is a Girl Scout extraordinaire and is learning to play the piano. She rides her own quad, too!

Both kids have had more than their share of health problems. Chris had trouble with food and didn't believe in sleep! He was two years before before we got a good night's sleep! Ashley was born pink and healthy then had a stroke at 6 months of age. That one moment has shaped our lives tremendously - for the better.

This past year we have extended our family with two "adopted" children - Chris and Kayle Hardrick. We met them in a membership class at the River Church, then Kayle lived with us for a few months before she and Chris were married. We were not looking for new kids, or mentors for our children, for friends - but God knew we needed them!

This year, we will add to our "adopted" family through the college ministry, Master Plan, at Fort Lewis College. We can't wait to have these kids in our house for weekly dinners! Nate, Erin, Eliana, Linda and Russ - welcome to the Beach family (I guess we're going to have to up our number from 4!).

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