Monday, April 22, 2013

Obedience in the Go

God told Noah, "Go! Get on the boat!"

God told Jonah, "Go! Get to Ninevah!"

God told Abram, "Go! It's a new country!"

God told Jeremiah, "Go! Get ready because I am sending you out!

Notice God never gave an instruction manual, an itinerary, treatise as to why he was sending these men out from their homes, their families, the familiar and comfortable." He just told them to Go.

God never said it would be easy either. In fact he told Jeremiah that the people would not even listen to him!


What was the testimony then?

God was glorified in the obedience.

God still tells people "Go" today. And not just foreign missions. We are all looking for that giant GO that we miss his step by step unstructions.

Turn left here. Go into that store. Smile at that man.

Check on your child. They need a hug.

Go to San Francisco. Take your kids. And their friend.

The Obedience of the Go is where God honors us. When's we aren't caught up in logistics but simple trust His plan.

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