Monday, May 21, 2012

Mobile Ministries

Back to LA!

This is the SWAP mobile!  Servants with A Purpose.

This is a mobile clothes ministry.  Amazing!  In a City with so much excess, clothes are a problem?  We shopped at stores in downtown LA that offered name brand and knock-off clothes for $5.00 each. But you must have transportation to get there.  AND, you must have a disposable $5.00!

Excess in clothing is an issue for me.  I love clothes.  I love shoes.

Less than I once did.

But I do like choices.

Right now, I have 6 gray shirts in my closet for Fall and Winter.  There are 3 shade and 2 sleeve lengths to fit my mood.  Wow.

Think about your closet?  What doesn't fit?  What haven't you worn in weeks, months, years?

Someone needs them!

I'm not suggesting a clean-out to just drop off at the local thrift shop.  Be purposeful!  Do you have a local thrift store run by a church who uses profits to help others?  What about a ministry that takes the clothes to give to those who have lost things in fires and disasters?

Give meaningfully!

We recently gave donated clothes to a family who is having a large sale to raise money to adopt children from China.  That's a worthwhile cause!!

In Durango, CO we have a Methodist Thrift store that helps the community - low prices on good merchandise and proceeds to help those in need.  We also have Community Faith Church, a Nazarene church on the Mesa that gives clothes to those in need.  Wow!  In our little community, such opportunity!!

Challenge:  get cleaning!  Someone needs your excess!!

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