Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yesterday in Broken Arrow, OK a family laid to rest their beautiful son.  He was only 17.  An Honor Student.  He loved life.  Loved to ski.  Loved his family.  And he was disabled.

My dad and step-mom live in Broken Arrow.  My mom was born and raised there.  My brother and sister-in-law live there.  This is not a far-off remote corner of the United States, this is a suburb of where I went to school.

My dad called me with the news not because we knew the young man or his family.  But because of what he left behind.  

First of all, his family was celebrating their son's entry to Heaven.  Now he can walk!  No wheelchair!  No pain!

Second, his family asked that instead of flowers, gifts be made to the Adaptive Sports Association of Durango, Colorado.  An organization that has meant much to him and his family.  And ours.

ASA gave our daughter speed!  After being last in life her whole life, she declared, "I can go fast!  I am first!"

I imagine that's how this young man felt too.

Thanks for the gift, ASA.  Thank you to the family whose gifts will help sponsor scholarships.

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